K. Cheyanne Quick

Funeral Director/Community Outreach Director

Cheyanne Quick is the Community Outreach Director for Altmeyer Funeral home. She is also a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer born and raised in Virginia Beach. Cheyanne understands the difficulty of experiencing losing a loved one. After attending her first funeral of a family member at eight years old, she quickly learned her calling was in funeral service. “It truly is a calling, and it was one I knew that I was called to do from a very young age.” Cheyanne is an avid member of her community and is currently a member of the Coastal Virginia Task Force on Aging.

Cheyanne graduated from Tidewater Community College with a degree in Funeral Services in December of 2020. She first joined the Altmeyer team in September of 2019 as a Funeral Service Associate and worked to assist in every way she could. Now, Cheyanne works diligently to serve the families in her care with compassion, empathy, and respect. Being the second of five children, Cheyanne likes to spend her free time with family. She is a warm person who loves drinking coffee, playing with her cat Binx, and sharing stories of those who matter the most. Feel free to start up a conversation with her when ever you see her!