Sylvia Amy Russ

October 2, 1933 - January 7, 2022

10/02/1933 - 01/07/2022

Sylvia Amy Russ born October 2, 1933 passed away January 7, 2022 in Virginia Beach, VA. She is survived by her five children Lawrence Mentenick (67), Peter Mentenick (66), Caroline Aguilar (65), Linda Sims (60), and Patrick Starks (56).
Contact information: Birchwood Park Nursing & Rehab 757-340-6611 or Caroline Aguilar

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Caroline Ann Aguilar (Daughter)
2 years ago

I forgave my estranged Mother, Sylvia, for abandoning me when she was young. I was but 4 years old when she left me and my two brothers, and never looked back. I always wanted to know about her and tried to find her, but was missing information about her. Finally, 25 years ago, with the help of the Military Air Force of which my Father had served 20 years in, I found a way. Sadly, when my Husband and I went to Virginia in 2001 to see my half-sister and my Mother, she gave me the cold shoulder. Now, this January 7th, my Mother passed away. I have forgiven her for she brought me to this world. I am proud to be here and have had the emotional strength to brake a couple bad familial chains during my life in hopes they wouldn’t be passed on through my children, and I thank her and God for that opportunity. I can’t turn my back on her now, and have taken care of her final arrangements, as difficult as it was. I ask God to forgive her, too, and may she rest in peace.