Steven P. Carlstrom

September 18, 1979 - May 29, 2020

09/18/1979 - 05/29/2020

Past Services

Wednesday June 03, 2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Altmeyer Funeral Home – Denbigh Chapel
12893 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23608
(757) 874-4200 | Directions
Thursday June 04, 2020
11:00 am
Altmeyer Funeral Home – Denbigh Chapel
12893 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23608
(757) 874-4200 | Directions

A full obituary will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience.
Note from the family:
Steven’s death has come to a shock to everyone, no one ever expected him to leave this world at such a young age not even him.  As everyone knows Steve was struggling to keep himself afloat for a lot of years so unfortunately there was no life insurance to help for this day.  Also, Steve has 4 teenagers so this fund is to help go towards his funeral & burial costs however in the event that there would be money over and beyond that it would go towards his children to help them for school or their future.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated but not expected.  If anyone knew Steve he might not have a pot to pee in but if someone was in need he would do anything to help them that he could.  We have appreciated everyone’s outpouring of support to his family to try to help us get through this time, everything is happening so fast & we just can’t wrap our head around this whole situation.  We love everyone and thank you so much for whatever you can do to help us give Steve his proper burial and to rest in peace comfortably.
Please donate at Treasured Memories Community Funding or with the link below.

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Edwin Roedenbeck Jr.
2 years ago

Steve was my stepbother. havent seen him or Heather in over 30 years. We had a rough time groing up.God bless steve, Heather and my step mother Ellen. Ellen is a good woman, and a great mother.

Heather Tennison
2 years ago

A candle for you…
From now on everytime I light a candle I will think of you…
I grieve for our mother who should never have to go through the agony of losing a child.

I grieve for Michelle who has spent the better part of her life loving you, hating you, cursing you, forgiving you, and believing in you through it all.

I grieve for Joshua and Jaydon who will not have you to turn to for the much-needed wisdom only a father can give a son.

I grieve for Caila and Haylee who will not have the pride and joy of you walking them down the aisle.

I grieve for you and all the things in life that you had not yet been able to partake in.

I grieve for myself who has lost my baby brother. My grief comes in waves, with each memory.

My memories are all that I have now and they make me laugh and cry and everything in between.

I was 5 when you were born. Old enough to remember everything.
I remember you in our mother’s womb kicking my little hand when I placed it on her stomach; before you had even joined us in this world I loved you.

I remember you crawling and walking and growing into the most charming, infuriating, sweet, caring, mischievous, brave, loyal, loving little boy. Did I say mischievous and charming? Oh the charm, it just oozed from you.

I remember a little boy who wanted to grow up to be Jose Canseco. You lived and breathed sports. Who slid into 3rd base while playing baseball in our yard and hit a T-post that tore open your knee and we had to go to the E.R. for a torn ligament. It didn’t slow you down, crutches and all.

Who wouldn’t stay out of the tree in our front yard and suffered a broken collar bone for it. Although I think on that note I should take some blame, as I climbed every tree I could find, and you always followed. Like little brothers will do.

Did I mention charming? As I just now recall your laugh when you were really tickled at something, it was infectious, you were infectious.

I remember the first time I ever cheered at a football game was when you were about 10 or 11 and scored your first touchdown. The play was a flea-flicker, I will never forget it.

I think of the time I came to visit when I was around 19, so you had to have been 14 and we rode bikes all over the Navy housing, I think (knowing you and me, not that we ever got in trouble) we even rode into some places we weren’t supposed to go.

You had grown so much since I had left home, still charming, still mischievous.

Again I am hit with a memory of us playing glow keys, which no one in the world will have any idea of what that is, but it did consist of us throwing things in the house while our mother was gone. The trouble we would have gotten into.

The trouble we did get into.

It makes me laugh now how it really didn’t matter how many times we got each other into trouble with mom. If there was a problem with someone else we always stood up for each other.
No one was going to be mean to my little brother. (well, except for me)

I most remember when you took Sara and me to D.C. You had become a grown man with children of your own by then. You were so proud to show me all around.
I think now about the little barbeque place you took us, stating that it was the best ever. I hate to tell you this little brother but Texas barbeque is hands down the best, I wish you could have tried it.
The Vietnam memorial was just being built so we didn’t get to see it and I was leaving the next day but you managed to squeeze in as much as possible so that I could see all the awesome sights our nation’s capital has to offer. It was a very special day

There are so many more, so many more memories…

I guess that is the way it is with little brothers and big sisters.

The love between a brother and sister is a special kind of love that can span every emotion good, bad, and in between but never falter.

It is strong, loyal, and deep. It is forever.

I love you, Steven Paul Carlstrom, today tomorrow and always.

Glenda Mcghee
2 years ago

God and all his Angels be with you and Family in this time and always RIP STEVEN

Shawn McGaw
2 years ago

Michelle and Family,
I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Steve, I’d like to share my deepest condolences.
My first memory of Steve is actually from a leadership perspective as I was one of his supervisors. As a manager I approached our first meeting as a way to evaluate him as a member of our team and how he could contribute to our success. It didn’t take long for me to realize that he was a very charming person, he had a genuine smile and a gentle demeanor.
As time went on and I worked with him I realized that he had a great work ethic and an unmistakable knack to make people laugh and feel comfortable. I actually found it humorous at times when he would work with some of the younger associates for the first time to watch their cautious demeanor turn to smiles and laughter after getting over the shock of this stocky tatoo covered man they were assigned to work with.
As any great associate does he was able to lighten stressful situations while getting the job done and helped us to create a fun work environment. He excelled with all of his fellow associates young and old, new and seasoned.
As a close friend of Michelle I knew a lot about Steve before I ever met him and it warmed my heart as I got to know him how much he loved and valued his family. He had a huge heart and I could tell he struggled at times on how to deal with this gift. In my mind I envision him now looking down on the family he loved so much and engulfing them in his love and protection.
Rest well Steve, we will all miss you. I am honored to have been able to know you and your beautiful family. As I finish this a memory of Steve bringing HayHay to Panera to bring me some Christmas cookies comes to mind and it brings tears to my eyes.