Shelly Cutler

October 1, 2023


Shelly Cutler would want me to start out at the end her story instead of the beginning with this brief description of a woman who has touched all of us with the “sunshine” that flowed from within her.  As a proud mother of Brihanna, Athena, Jasmyn, Jade, sky her god daughter and lyla who was only with us for a short time, her and Alec were responsible for bringing into the world the most amazing set of women that any of us have ever known. 

Shelly was a mother first and then a poet, an artist, a home body.  She was flashy, humble, sarcastic, a quick wit, with a smile that lit up any place she was at. She had a belly laugh that came from deep inside of her.  When others heard her laugh, they would join her, and a chorus of laughter could be heard near and far. I can testify they were times that she had me rolling on the floor with her joyful noise. 

You may not know that Shelly was a world traveler.  Her and Alec saw the world through the window of first class.  However, even with the above average advantage that Alec’s profession provided, she never lost her sense of humanity and treated her fellow man with kindness and love. If you look around the room at this moment with the people who are here now, I think you would all agree how she touched each one of us with her sunshine sprit and deep love for all of us. 

I saw her at her best once in Las Vegas.  We were at a McDonald’s and a homeless man was begging for money. Shelly saw the man through the window, she got up from the table and a bought Kid’s meal and went outside and gave it to the man. I saw his smile and I could tell Shelly had made a difference in his life. 

She gave herself to others through her works with holistic medicine.  Shelly read a lot and did her best to stay on top of new ways to heal people.  When someone close to her was sick, she would investigate nontraditional healing methods which she believed were much better than traditional medical practices. Shelly thought outside the box and gave advice that has healed many of us that she was close to.   

Shelly had a business side that focused on helping others.  She started a social media company called ‘I Hero’ and was in midst of starting a commercial food truck business which going to cater to the military community. In a tribute to their mother, a foundation is going to be setup.  The SUNSHINE foundation will  assist struggling addicts, homeless individuals, and domestic violence survivors. 

The story of Shelly Cutler should be seen through the bright light that illuminated through the space that surrounded her.  One could say she owned the real estate where she was standing and made everyone who visited feel welcome and at home. 

The story of Shelly’s life is not an ending as we say fare well to her today.   But her love, joy, and her spirted sunshine will continue be seen in the lives of her beautiful daughters and in the eyes of the future Cutler children yet to walk on this earth.  Shelly will live forever more in our hearts and souls.  We love you Shelly and safe travels during your next fantastic journey! We will miss you but you will always be with us when we see a heads up on penny, yellow butterfly in flight, and the proud red cardinal soaring in our backyards!

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Sommer Leigh
4 months ago

Sweet Angel,

We’ve known one another since you were 16. From the moment I met you, I was captivated by your radiant warmth and charming, carefree ways.

We were great friends for many, many years. The times we shared have always been special. I carry the imprints of beauty that is you, forever in my heart.

Thank you, Shelly, for all the ways you showed up in my life. Every fiber of energy between you and I has been a lesson and wisdom piece, a heart song and a vision, to assist me along my path in life. You are an Angel of sweetness. Though we grew apart this last decade I continued to smile in your direction. The times we did connect let me know you still laughed with every cell of your being and truly held special powers of spiritual wisdom and believed, regardless of your life experiences.

My heart bleeds for your daughters, at this time, regarding your transition. I know each child was truly a lite that brought forth the sparkle of hope in your eyes. I remember all the wishes you shared with me & sent to the heavens, for each beautiful daughter. All the dreams you shared with me, for them, are flowing through me, as I write this. I’m so very sorry that your passion and promises, as a mother, couldn’t supersede your own pain, to carry out what you’d initially intended.

Your life story is powerful and though unique unto you, it bears truth for so many. I’ve received your messages these last several days & honor your soul wish; To share the truth, the triumphs, the trauma and the tragedies you endured. As a method to help others to find the healing that you wish for, for all of humanity. May all of the challenges and the pain in your life, as well as your wonderment and wisdom, become a potent elixir for your children, to live their best lives. To carry the sovereign sanctity of your sacred soul being and shine in the glory of your dreams for each of them.

Today is your birthday. Happy birthday, darling sister. As tears gently roll for you, I send my wishes of sweet song and radiant waves of rainbows, That they touch your soul, as you continue on & make your way. Sending you infinite blessings of love and light.

I love you, chop! Always and forever🌹May peace and serenity carry you🕊️🤍 You live on in my heart.

Hugs and Kisses,
Sommer Leigh

Wanda Spencer
4 months ago

Chelly was a blessing , to know her is to love her. I met her through my nephew Jordan. She poured her heart out to Jordan and helped him when I couldn’t. She always called me Aunt Wanda. Every time I saw her she just hugged me so tight and told me that she wanted to cook for me and give me blessings. She had a pure heart and a big soul. She will be truly missed. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Tracy Jenkins
4 months ago

Our Love and Prayers to all the Cutler Girls, Alec, Friends and Family! Shelly had a personality Bigger than Life. We never knew a time to be greeted by Shelly with less than a huge hug, kiss and most times a pinch! She always showed kindness and would give you the shirt off of her back if she thought it would make you smile. I’m so glad that you crossed our paths for the time that you did…..We will never forget you and thank you for trusting us with sharing your heart and soul. Go rest high on the mountain as your time on earth is through! Much Love to the Cutlers. Go make the world proud of you!!! Danny & Tracy

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