Laura Lee Daniels

September 15, 1968 - December 25, 2021

09/15/1968 - 12/25/2021

Laura Daniels passed away December 25, 2021 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Laura was born in Massachusetts and graduated from the Connecticut Public School System in 1985.
Laura dabbled in courses of business as she explored several employment opportunities throughout her adult life.  During this time, she continued writing poetry and stories, but always stayed true to the self-employed entrepreneur she strived to be.

Laura is predeceased by her birth mother Barbara Zeno, father Michael DiFonzo jr., husband Richard Daniels and daughter Robin Grillo.

Left to cherish her memory are her mother Sandra Banks (TX), sisters Joanna Amill (OH), Renee Lanni (RI) brother Aaron Difonzo (RI), “daughter” Casey Rich, “granddaughter” Savannah Rich, along with several nieces and nephews.

The family would like to thank all those who had a positive impact in Laura’s life.  Please take a moment to share a memory and contribute to Laura’s funeral expenses by clicking here.

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6 months ago

Where do I begin, u were that short lil person with all that fire an spunk , bit most of all u had such a heart , I can’t think of any of my early memories that don’t have either u or Sheryl in them . There was a many fights between the 2 of us but at the end of the day we both realized we were like family an that was all that mattered ..
I know if not for you the man I am today I wouldn’t be , an I can not thank u enough , I miss u so dearly ..
The lord got him a great one when he called you home ..we will see each other again an this time we will be new an clean in faith ..
I love u so much but miss u even more ..

Wendy Frankton
2 years ago

You and I first got close about 4 years ago when you were going through a hard time. I know you were suffering and missed your daughter so much. I hope you are at peace now. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to help you with your pain. I’m glad we got to know eachother. I will miss you.
Love always,

Steve klein
2 years ago

I miss u as I told you I would if u ever left. I hope you and Robin are together also as you desired. Watch over me my new guardian angel let Dee retire or you all can be best buds and laugh at my stupid shit I do in life.

Jerry Poirier
2 years ago

This vidoe is for you Laura Lee i mis you so much my friend and i understand you more then you ever knew. I will forever remember all the laughter and joy you brought to me the long talks on the phone crying when i was in Colorado. The pain n hell you have gone through n your struggles i wiill use the things you have told me as a tool to guide me in my endless journey to try and raise me little girl right as you did with Robin i will fight this good fight and know in my heart my dear friend you will be watching from above always telling me never to give up hope that i got this i cant stop the tears from falling and how i wish that you was here to meet my little girl as the love you gave was endless n and open oceanthat poured over me in wavesi am very sad , hurt and have this hole in my heart now that will never close but i know that you now are at peace with no more pain or sadness as not there are no more good byes no more longing to see touch n hold Robin so i dedicate this video and poem

This was the poen that you loved the most that you cried when i wrote it n read it to you i will forever love and miss you so till we meet again and i can tell you all that i really felt about you n my love for you the wanting to be with you and build and change our ways with you but i knew i could not save you and shelter you from all that you have been through but i secretly loved you from the moment we met would never be enough to block the pain , hurt of your life you told ne timing is everything well you was right as i now have my daughter and feel sone days im on top of the world n other days i jave to remember our talks over the yrs your wisdom will help me im praying through the tough times n days that are only moments in times to remember there are no bad days with ny daughter like you said to me its not bad days only bad moments in time that in an instant can be changed to good moments and to never give up like i so want to due i miss you so much Laura so heres to you mt gorgeous wonderful friend may you rest easy as now there are no more good byes there is only love
Till the days end
I long for your touch, the smell of your skin, The tears that will flow
and land on my chin. There is never a moment or a day that goes by
that I don’t sit and think of you and of this situation and cry!
From the moment we met, You have touched me so deep,
That I day dream of you even when I don’t sleep.
I want you to know how I feel inside, With each passing day I will have
nothing to hide.
Though the days grow shorter and the nights with out you are long
Remember with each passing day my love for you will only grow strong
I am here for you now and until the very end.
I want you to know that you are not only my lover, but my very best friend!
As you leave this place and are sent high above please know in your heart you carry my love.
For I am with you always, even in Death and I forever will love you I âm not like the rest
For remember that day will come, when you leave this earth, but know in your heart you have been loved from birth.
I want you to know in your heart with in, You are my love, my very best friend
Though our time together was short and sweet, I still long for the day of when we will meet.
And when you are finally gone to the heavens above, I will never forget and will hold on to our love.
For the day will come when I too will pass and I will look for that beacon on light from my past
You my dear are my beacon so, I will be looking for you on that day I must go.
I will hear your voice within the wind and will remember the feel of your touch when the rains falls on my skin.
Even though we must part, that day will come, when we will meet again and I will hear your voice, crying in the wind
you will say to me, come home my love, my very best friend!
For when we meet, I will hold you so and see your face all in a glow
I made the most of our time together, even though we went through some stormy weather!
I will try not to fret or even cry, for know when you passed, that my heart too surely died!
Please know I love you so, in many ways and that you my love has set my heart a blaze!
written by Jerry Poirier Sr 7/15/2009
A Dream
There is never a day that goes by That I don’t dream of you.
Remembering your sexy laugh That always makes me smile When I am feeling down and blue You’re the girl of my dreams The one that I love The one my mother told me about Who would be sent from heaven above The one who would love me And comfort me till all my days end You would be My love ,My confidant But most of all my best friend!
Written by: Jerry Poirier 02/17/07

Jerry Poirier
2 years ago

The trip her and kelly took to Ny to come see me and Rob working on our jobs had a fun time the 4 of us in 1998 or 99

Sheri Woodward
2 years ago

From the moment you came into my life (age 11) you captured my heart. My first love. My first best friends. I love you so very much not a day of my childhood didnt have you in it. Not a day in my life there after that I didnt speak your name, share an adventure we had or not a day in my 40 yrs of knowing you had I not thought of you in some way. So sad your gone but I know your in no pain and with your only daughter Robin Ann. RIP Bright Eyes. Forever your Derek.

Sheri Woodward
2 years ago

Its taken me time to write because I never thought i would be doing it this way..Rest easy my dearest friend.

Susan Kimbrell
2 years ago

Sandy, Family and Friends
I am so sorry for you’re loss

2 years ago

I’m am so sorry for your loss

Mary Ann Dube and Joseph Durand
2 years ago

So sorry for your loss Sandy our deepest sympathy she was to your to go but she is with all the other Angels may she rest in peace.