Kellylyn Townsend Hicks

May 1, 1972 - December 17, 2021

05/01/1972 - 12/17/2021

Past Services

Saturday January 08, 2022
Altmeyer Funeral Home - Southside Chapel
5033 Rouse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 422-4000 | Directions
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Celebration of Life

K.T. Hicks, 49, a resident of Chesapeake, Virginia, passed away Friday, December 17, 2021 as a result of stroke complications. She was born Kellylyn Townsend Stafford on May 1, 1972 to Cynda and Alan Stafford. She graduated from Louisa High School and went on to earn a degree in literature from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.
College was where she met her beloved husband, Kevin Hicks, and many lifelong friends. With Kevin, she had one daughter, Jessica.
K.T. rarely met a person she didn’t immediately charm, and she enjoyed organizing and hosting gatherings where her many friends could meet each other. Her friends describe her as geeky, funny, kind, witty, generous, intelligent, snarky, and capable. She was always ready to help a friend in need or to provide advice. She was an accomplished author and editor as well, having published more than twenty novels, anthologies, and short stories under the pseudonym of Lynn Townsend.
K.T. will be sorely missed by her husband Kevin and daughter Jessica, her mother Cynda, and father Alan, as well as her stepparents and all of her friends. Her memory will be a comfort for all who knew her.
K.T. supported many causes as part of her life. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you please consider donating in her honor to one those causes, especially the Transgender Law Center (, Planned Parenthood (, or the Bat World Sanctuary (
A celebration of life ceremony will be held for her at Altmeyer Funeral Home, 5033 Rouse Drive in Virginia Beach on Saturday, January 8, 2021 at 2:00 p.m., and will be livestreamed below.

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Tia Benson-Bond
3 months ago

I met KT at the laundry mat one day. I went there every week then, same day and time. She came up to me and said “I don’t mean to bother you, but great book choice.”
We both quickly got into a conversation about books and other Fandom then exchanged information. We didn’t hang out a lot but I enjoyed our friendship over the years. Like me, we all will miss her.
Thanks for being my friend and if you hear the song in your head while reading this good because it first the sentiment.

Nicole H.
4 months ago

I first came across KT as tisfan in the Marvel fandom. I started out as a fan, and then I like to think I became a friend, if only online. She was always kind to me, and I always found comfort in both her writing and her online presence (mostly through Discord). I was so happy to have known her, and only wish that I could have known her in real life as well. My deepest condolences to both family and friends. She will be sorely missed.

Carrie Karhnak-Glasby
4 months ago

I met KT during my freshman year at William & Mary. I don’t even remember how I ended up at that first Sciffy meeting, but I am so glad that I went. KT was full of fun and snark and creativity, and I made so many friends through her.

My last memory of seeing KT is from a rare trip back to Virginia. Somehow I ended up at dinner with mutual friends & then got a spontaneous invite to meet up with folks at KT & Kevin’s. I remember telling KT how I started watching Babylon 5 after I left W&M, and she pulled me to a back room to show me her photos of meeting Claudia Christian. I loved her enthusiasm for friends and life and her varied interests.

I am deeply sorry for your loss. Words are inadequate, but I pray that your memories will bring comfort over time.

Valentine Wolfe
4 months ago

I will always remember how kind and welcoming KT was when she invited us to perform at her house for a holiday party. She brought everyone together and facilitated such a warm and friendly environment for everyone there. If I could live in such a cocoon year round I would. Thank you, KT. We miss you.

4 months ago

I knew KT as Tis, and she was one of the first people in the marvel fandom to reach out and foster a friendship with me. She was always supportive, and in the best kind of way for me personally – I’d come to her with a problem and she’s cut right through the bullshit, no hesitation. It was always refreshing. She became somewhat of a fandom mother in that sense, and for this reason and many others I will forever cherish the short time that I knew her. I miss her dearly.

4 months ago

A few times during her celebration of life, it was mentioned how widely K. T. touched lives, and that struck very true with me. I never had the privilege of meeting her, but reading her words and being friends online was a privilege itself. If evidence of the ripple effect of her life is a comfort to you all, please know that she made a West Coaster fall a little in love with Virginia, my daughter still sings songs K. T. shared with me at the top of her lungs, and the feltie she made me still keeps me company for hard work days or grad school exams. She was very special, and will be very much missed.

Amy (Popelish) Terwilliger
4 months ago

K.T was one of the first people I met at Sciffy back in the day. I remember gaming with her, and her getting me through a tough time freshman year. She’s touched so many lives. She will be missed. My heart goes out to you.

Luz Montenegro
4 months ago

My dear friend, I will always miss you and I thank God that I had the opportunity to meet you, even if that happened long time ago,,, I always thought I will have the chance to reunite again and laugh as we used to do it … rest in peace my dear KT. I will always miss you.

Ora McGuire
4 months ago

Jess and Kevin,
There are so many things that I want to say, but I lack the words to properly express them.

I first knew KT as @tisfan on twitter when she replied to one of my tweets. It jump-started one of the best things in my life.

KT was infinitely special. She pushed me to do things that I didn’t think I could. She was my publisher, my editor, my light in the dark when all hope seemed lost, and the best friend I’ve ever had in my adult life. I owe her so much and I’m grateful that she brought me into her chosen family.

I learned many things from her. “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to” is at the top of the very very long list. It’s probably my favorite because it’s saved me from so much stress and heartache in my life.

We did Monday morning brunches, (we tried to do the coffee shop thing, but ultimately we wound up just going to Denny’s) She’s the only person I knew who could enjoy her Southwestern Skillet and make a point that suddenly had me stop mid-pancake and reevaluate the way I thought about the climate change crisis or the nuance of the fourth wall break in Thor: Ragnarök.

KT encouraged my writing, taught me the “by zombies (or T-Rex, whatever floats your boat)” trick for recognizing passive voice, and introduced me to Scrivner before it was cool.

The most important thing that I ever learned from KT is that it is okay to be your true self. She made me feel safe, encouraged me, gave me confidence, and plenty of space to discover who exactly I am.

KT was vivacious, intelligent, kind, compassionate, funny, full of snark, joy, and honesty. She was genuine, a rare find on this earth and I’m lucky she found me.

The many good memories I have are a blessing, but I will always miss my friend.

I cannot fathom the depths of your grief from the loss of your wife, Kevin. Jess, I empathize with the the loss of your mother and the spaces where her absence may be felt more than others. Only time can ease the ache of her passing.

My deepest condolences to you. I love you both.

Kristen Johnston
4 months ago

So many nights playing WoW with Kyth and Balth. Great memories and lots of laughs. KT organized a real life meet up for those who became friends in the game. People came from across the country and had a great time. She even joined me in Animal Crossing a few times, visiting my island and leaving notes on my bulletin board. She was my gamer friend, and a true friend in real life as well. She’s gone too soon.