Jeffery Campbell

July 11, 1971 - October 13, 2023

07/11/1971 - 10/13/2023

Jeffery Campbell who is known as Paw-Paw, born on July 11, 1971, in the wild and wonderful hills of West Virginia, bid us a sudden and unexpected farewell on October 13, 2023, in the great state of Virginia. At the age of 52, he left behind a legacy drenched in laughter, love, and a touch of mischievous charm to join his beautiful Mom, Brother John and Sisters Kay and Kim along with his Son Christopher Allen Campbell who I am sure he is hugging so tight with a big smile right now.  He is leaving behind family members in Stauton, VA. 4 of the Nine siblings Donna Monger, Gary Campbell, Doug Campbell, and Pam Owensby and 5 Children and 3 grandchildren.

Down on the Peninsula Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach Area he made a new life and new first beginnings starting all over with plenty of adventures and fond memories with his active family, which may not have been blood but to all of us we were his family as he felt the same way towards them, Partner Ruthie who he loved so dearly and she loved him in return, Jason Tusim who he loved as a son and Grandson Mecaih Tusim, Jessica Tusim who he loved as a daughter and Grandson Gage Turner and Granddaughter Paige Turner.
From his humble beginnings, Jeffery worked his way to becoming the Supervising Laborer at A&A Awnings, Jeffery always took pride in his hard work. Whether he was swinging a hammer or wrangling a team, he gave it his all, leaving no task unfinished and no detail unattended.
When not busy with work, Jeffery wholeheartedly embraced his passions. Belting out suspiciously reminiscent Elvis tunes that he delighted Ruthie with, his beloved Baby Girl as he would call her, with his surprisingly melodic voice. Their Love for each other held strong.

Sunday afternoons were reserved for thrilling motorcycle rides aboard his Harley, ensuring the wind in his hair and the open road underneath his wheels listening to his some of his favorite bike jams like “The Joker” by the Steve Miller Band, “Porce Honkey” by Moccasin Creek, “Slow Ride” by Foghat, “Simple Man” by Lenard Skynyrd and “Save Me” or “”Son of a Sinner” by Jelly Roll, the list goes on.

Fishing held a special place in his heart, providing him with priceless bonding moments that he shared his expertise in, patiently teaching grandson Mecaih the tricks of the trade and creating unforgettable memories and with characteristic Paw-Paw enthusiasm dancing around the floor with the sound of hearing Baby Shark for the thousand time over again with grandson Gage, and there sweet granddaughter only a month old that he was so nervous holding her for the first time. He stated “I am scared to get to know here, if she loves me like Gage and Mecaih I don’t know what I would do, a little girl is different, I have never felt that. I probably would be beside myself.” These were his last words spoken to Ruthie.

The holiday season brought out Jeffery’s self-proclaimed mastery of putting up Christmas lights for his daughter, Jessica. Although his cooking skills left much to be desired (letting Ruth take the reins), his enthusiasm for family gatherings never dimmed, even playing Santa Clause for the grandkids and even for the adults, it was the best Christmas Ever. He cherished the time spent together, cherishing the laughter and connection that came with these joyous moments. Loved those homemade deviled eggs!Long gone were his days as an avid hunter, but Jeffery loved to recount his thrilling adventures in the great outdoors. His storytelling prowess was matched only by his love for historical documentaries and True Crime shows, fueling his insatiable thirst for knowledge and shedding light on the mysteries of the past.

Thrifting was an inseparable part of Jeffery and Ruthie’s routine, like finding hidden treasures in the aisles of second-hand shops. Together, they indulged in this shared passion, ensuring that each trip was not just about the hunt but about the memories woven between their laughter-filled conversations, he told her it made him happy bringing back good memories of going on the hunt with his mother.
Jeffery’s love for animals may have been one of a kind, but his compassion knew no bounds. He came into a loving family that had a German Shepard name “Zoe” who never left his side from the very begining. Zoe one day came upon a baby squirrel who they named “Squirky” and nurtured together and raised as their own for almost 4 years until the time came to venture off into the woods, treating her with the same love and care he showed to his human loved ones. Then there was “Harley” who popped into his Life as a Surprise from Ruthie on his “50” Birthday after he came back from a wild day of fun with the boys Jason, Corey and Mecaih. Harley was the Jack Russel that he was wishing for bringing back fond memories. Once we brought Harley home these two were inseparable.

Through this journey called life, Jeffery found happiness and support once again in the embrace from this loving family. Together, they created lots of memories of laughter, adventures, passion and love. This family created a tapestry of joy that will forever echo within the hearts of those left behind. As we bid farewell to this remarkable man, let us remember Jeffery Campbell for the vibrant spirit he embodied and the unforgettable memories he crafted. May his mischievous smile continue to light up our souls, reminding us to embrace every day with zest, humor, and love. Rest in peace and ride on, dear friend.

There will be a viewing the first weekend in November at the last time he went fishing with Mecaih. It will be held at Northwest River Park and everyone will need to bring a fishing rod to celebrate his life. Ruthie will reach out to all parties once plans are finalized.
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Sheila Butt
4 months ago

Last time I saw you was at the baby shower. You help Ruth and I do the decorations. You were such a great help as always. He were there when we needed you. You will be missed and know we will always love you and will be in our hearts. Now rest in peace and be with your family.

Jessica Tusim
4 months ago

The last time we spoke we were at Mecaihs baseball game and you had to leave to miss the rain because you were driving the bike, you told me to keep having kids to keep making you a grandpa! I will miss your humor and the way you always wanted to step up and be that father/pawpaw presence that our family needed! Thank you for being a wonderful man and the memories sting right now but soon it’ll be met with a fondness! I love you!

Ruth Tusim
4 months ago


I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my light. You have brought me joy in so many ways. I know you are at peace now!

Forever your Baby Girl Ruthie