Death Away from Home

In the unfortunate circumstance of a death occurring away from home, Altmeyer Funeral Home & Crematory is here to provide unwavering assistance and support. Allow us to take on the responsibility of safely transporting your loved one back to their hometown for the memorial service and burial, ensuring a dignified and respectful return.

Moreover, if your loved one has passed away in Virginia but expressed a desire to be laid to rest in another state or country, rest assured that we can seamlessly coordinate the transfer to the chosen location. Our experienced team is dedicated to managing the logistical complexities with precision and care, facilitating a smooth and compassionate transition. 

With a longstanding history of excellence in funeral services, you can confidently rely on Altmeyer Funeral Home to deliver perfection in every aspect. Trust us to handle the intricate details of transportation and arrangements, allowing you and your family to focus on honoring the memory of your loved one without the added stress during this difficult time.

Know you are going to need your loved one traveled when their time has come? Pre Plan your funeral arrangements today!


Death Away from home Altmeyer Funeral Home
Altmeyer Funeral Home Death Away from Home

Death Away From Home Protection

In order to better serve you, we also offer the Treasured Memories® Travel Protection Plan. It coordinates with PrePlanning and is an insurance for people who travel.

The Treasured Memories® Travel Protection Plan removes the burden on your family if death occurs away from home. In the event of a death more than 100 miles from the beneficiary’s legal residence (legal residence is where the beneficiary lives 180 days or more per year ), the plan will fully arrange and pay for all costs involved in transportation from anywhere in the world, saving your family thousands of dollars.