At Altmeyer, there are many options available with cremation. With other providers, cremation means limited options. Not with us. Arrange a memorial service before or after, with or without the body present. This is your chance to honor and say farewell to your loved one.

Families appreciate our quality service and professionalism. Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory operates the first funeral home onsite crematory in Virginia.

Contact us to learn more about our services and tour our facilities. If our Cremation Services don’t fulfill your family’s wishes, view our Burial Services today.

Cremation Arrangements

We have private, intimate arrangement rooms for you and your loved ones to plan your service and cremation.

Altmeyer can take care of all your arrangements. Arrange a full service with a memorial before or after the cremation. We can transfer the remains anywhere you like; if you want a scattering ceremony in another country, trust Altmeyer to handle every detail.

We own our own onsite crematories at Bucktrout and Riverside. This is important because families can rest assured that their loved one never leaves our compassionate, professional care.

Cremation Services

Count on us to produce a meaningful tribute that brings peace to family and friends.

At Altmeyer, all of our traditional burial service options are available with cremation including a viewing, visitation, and funeral service.

Create a memorial with eulogies, live music, photo boards, personalized cremation casket for the viewing, dove release at the graveside, keepsake jewelry and more.

Design a memorial service reflecting his or her personality and passion.

Altmeyer Funeral Home Cremation Services

Cremation Selections

The professional staff at Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory can inform you of the various cremation selections so you make the best choices for your needs and budget.

You do not need a casket, but if you would like a viewing or visitation, we can help you select a cremation casket. For a traditional burial, you need a burial urn and vault. Our selection room has a variety of quality urns, cremation caskets, and vaults to choose from.

If you prefer to scatter the cremated remains, we offer temporary containers to hold the cremated remains in until the final disposition ceremony.

Final Resting Place

Your loved one’s cremated remains can be scattered in an outdoor ceremony using a scattering urn. Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory can inform you of the local laws regarding scattering ashes.

Many families decide to keep the cremated remains in a designer urn in their home, bury them in a cemetery or place them in a niche. We can arrange for memorialization in a dignified Columbarium niche or mausoleum.

Altmeyer will help you find the right final resting place for you or your loved one. Call today for more information.