We extend our support to everyone throughout the entire process of a loss, from the initial stage before the funeral, during the event, and long after it concludes. Our commitment to your well-being extends into the aftercare phase, where our dedicated aftercare counselor reached out to your family once the services are rendered. This compassionate professional offers a comprehensive array of aftercare services, including connecting you with grief support groups, children’s grief camps, and skilled therapists.

In Addition to emotional support, our staff is equipped to provide you with valuable grief literature and informative resources, aiding family and friends in coping with the challenges of loss. Recognizing the unique needs of each individual, we maintain an extensive network of recommended counselors and specialists in the area, ensuring personalized and professional aftercare support.

Altmeyer Funeral Home remains steadfast in our commitment to assist you in any way possible. To explore local grief options, feel free to CLICK HERE to download the local grief support options or fill out the form below to reach out to us directly: